Modern Sex & Relationships Programme

The Beautiful Space programmes have been developed  for women and couples who are committed and invested in a fulfilling life. Our sex and relationship experts will take you on a journey of learning, adventure, personal awareness and couple connection with talks, brunches, half day workshops, weekend spa stays and week long retreats in extraordinary places.

Our programme is designed and delivered by experts from the field of education, holistic medicine, relationship counselling, executive life coaching, systemic therapy, somatic sexology, tantra and Esther Perel’s ethics of relationship success. It has decades of clinical and practical evidence.

You will be taken on a journey either by yourself or with your partner. Think of it as a joyful part of your year, time alone or together under guidance, time with your relationship and confidence you are putting yourself on the right track.

Afterwards people said…

  • "They felt closer"

  • "I came to be with my partner. I felt great while I could enjoy intimacy and togetherness with them"

  • "They felt calmer"

  • "Warm host, very calming and knowledgeable"

  • "Beautiful Space opened up lots of issues to explore in a positive way"

  • "Beautiful venue!"

Beautiful Space Wild Woman Programme

Talks, brunches and retreats for the soul purpose of empowering women.

This is for every woman at any age committed to her personal development and feminine evolvement on this planet. She understands there is more pleasure to be had, better sex, and an even keel but she doesn’t know where to find it.

Focusing on sexuality and relationships and drawn from the world of holistic health and psychology our program is designed to bring women together, listen to the conversation and reeducate.

Topics covered

✔️ Meeting your needs
✔️ Journalling, developing intuition and finding yourself
✔️ Listening to your body
✔️ Hormones 101
✔️ Guilt free pleasure and the orgasm
✔️ Sex toys and getting creative
✔️ Self care
✔️ Natural Healthy living, alternative medicine and fitness
✔️ Diet, nutrition and supplementation
✔️ Visualisation, mindfulness and creating the life you desire

What you can expect

Acknowledgement of the wild woman inside you
The tools to a long and meaningful life. Shameless sex. More calm. Consistent good health. Better relationships with those around you.

Single women: to feel supported in the life you choose
To unravel your past and identify the woman you want to be and the relationships you want to have. Confident you are getting the best guidance out there, covering all areas of your life.

Women in relationships
When you take time out of your relationship everyone in your family reaps the rewards. To be nurtured amongst women. To re-find sensual joy without demands. Think big, to meet your needs first rather than others. To learn how to let go and allow others to pick up the slack. Your wellbeing is paramount.

Please see specific events for more details

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Beautiful Space Couples Programme

Talks, workshops and retreats to empower couples with the modern relationship.

This program is for couples wanting to learn all about long term desire.

We take you through the key components of a successful relationship and have carefully selected just the right setting for change to happen. What ensures success of our program is repetition and support, so we have created those for you too.  We want you to be having better sex. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are doing everything there is for better relationships.

Our program has been developed with over decades of clinical experience from expert therapists including Esther Perel’s clinical training program.

Seven Steps

1  Relational Intelligence
Relational intelligence is the understanding that good communication and long term desire are the foundation stones to a successful relationship. Further definition means compatibility with lifestyle, meeting each others needs, true empathy and the space for two to grow individually as well as together. 

2  Female Pleasure
In any truly harmonious relationship there is full understanding that the female erotic intelligence holds the power. She many want to give it up momentarily and hand over to the masculine power but this is at her will. Arousal can be constant in a woman and hormones can easily be managed to match this.  Foreplay starts at the end of her last orgasm and mans pleasure comes from seeing his partner in orgasm. There is a cycle here that needs to be lead with intuition and some logistics. Everything is possible with expert communication and good lighting.

3  Parenthood and family patterns
It’s said that bringing a child into a steady relationship is the equivalent to throwing a grenade into a building. You never know what’s going to happen until after the damage is done. We now live in an age where our expectations of family to bring happiness is greater than ever before. With that we can do much to prepare ourselves for this huge change in life. Understanding what each is bringing to parenting, attachment styles, familiar roles, sex, relationship expectations, finance, career changes, and recuperative time away are essential topics that need discussing, preferably before committing to raising children.

4  Intimacy, connection and tantric massage
Intimacy is the glue that binds you with your partner through thick and thin. It’s the connection that inspires you to bring happiness to your relationship above everything else. Massage and touch are a perfect way to relax and be at peace together and practice the non language communication of giving and receiving. Based on spiritual practice the bond between you ever deepens.

5  Communication skills for couples
Good communication is the binding thread of everything in a successful relationship with long term desire. Skills can be taught and an attitude of respect can be cultivated when you understand that learned patterns can be changed. Harnessing the skill of communication creates understanding and needs that are met.

6  Let’s talk about sex
Sexual skills, how you like it, how you don’t like it. Where you prefer it, what time, and all in a patient and nonjudgmental tone. Men feel the weight of performance, women feel a sense of guilt, so many complications and all you want is a fun time together over again. Routines set in and bodies change. So how do you keep the fires lit over the course of 2 years, 10 years or more? If there’s one area as important as communication in a relationship its sex, yet it’s this that can be the most challenging. By telling you the facts about sex we are able to bring the conversation back to non blame and through to creativity.

Relationship MOT
We get our cars MOT’d every year for the safety of ourselves and others yet it’s too easy to think a relationship will sort its self out and improve over time. Not true! Relationships are like fine wines that need to be turned very so often, taken out and admired and polished for improvement. Not only will your relationship be a focal part of the connection you have with your partner but you will find it becomes a vehicle for personal growth.  Airing issues breeds trust, forgiveness is a must in order to let go of resentment and change must be acknowledged for growth. We can help you learn how to do this with grace and gratitude.

What you can expect

✔️ A new narrative and conversation in your relationship
✔️ More intimate moments
✔️ Improved sensuality skills
✔️ An understanding of your sexual compatibility
✔️ Formulas to resolve issues in the future
✔️ Better ways of communicating
✔️ Developed empathy within the relationship
✔️ Our groups range from 8 to 10 and up to 15 couples in size and across all ages

Group sharing is part of the Beautiful Space philosophy. Hearing other peoples stories in a confidential environment creates confidence and lifelong understanding. All our retreats are under the guidance of experienced therapists.

mixed race couple laughing under trees

What people said they wanted…

“To know their partner better”
“To know themselves better”
“To talk about the future without being fearful”
“To be in a relationship without losing themselves”
“To know how to fulfil themselves personally”
“To know how to express themselves emotionally”
“To understand why they are attracted to other people”
“To learn what drives sexual desire”

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